20" x 24" Zildjian Sheet Gong (P0503)

20" x 24" Zildjian Sheet Gong (P0503)
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This Zildjian Gong Sheet is like a dark, ominous thunderstorm in the middle of the night. When played gently you hear the rumble of the storm. When struck hard in the middle, you hear a big thud followed by a crash that moves and resonates out to the corners of the sheet. It has a very unique look and shape as well as a striking sound.

For greater attack, pair this Zildjian Sheet gong with a Mike Balter GM1 Mallet For less attack, pair with an Innovative Percussion CGI1

We provide the rope for hanging this sheet gong, made in the USA by Zildjian.

Zildjian has this to say about this sheet gong:

"Made from the Zildjian Sheet Bronze alloy. 20" x 24" Gong Sheet can be hung from a regular Gong Stand or mounted on any boom stand. Perfect for Concert Band, Drum Corps or drum kit applications. Big Gong sound that won't break the bank. Produces a variety of sounds depending on where and how it is struck."