Zaphir Blue Moon Wind Chime - Burgundy - FREE SHIPPING

Zaphir Blue Moon Wind Chime  - Burgundy - FREE SHIPPING
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Chime Length: 5"
Total Chime Length: 14.5"
Diameter: 2.5"

Pendant: Glass
Tube: Special Enhanced Cardboard

The Blue Moon Zaphir Chime....

Experience it like a complex slow motion Space Ballet.

The Blue Moon Chime creates a sound with its own gravitational pull yet needs to be your satellite. Sure, it can hold its own in the blackness of space but it prefers mirroring the lights from laconic, distant exploding nebulas.

The Blue Moon chime is aptly named for the Blue Moon, or what we know as the extra, or thirteenth, moon of the year.

Each of the four seasons has three full moons, but due to variances between the lunar cycle and the Gregorian Calendar (POPE GREGORY, YOU!) every two to three years one season has four full moons.

DIDJA KNOW? The third full moon, not the fourth, in this season is the Blue Moon.

In mythic lore, the Blue Moon is a symbol of abundance, love, beauty, and fertility. Certainly you would like these elements orbiting you!

Each Zaphir chime rings a series of 8 notes based on the 8 bronze rods inside which differ for tone length, the Blue Moon chime in particular consists of: D F A B C E A# C.