Zaphir Sufi Wind Chime - Purple - FREE SHIPPING

Zaphir Sufi Wind Chime - Purple - FREE SHIPPING
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Chime Length: 5"
Total Chime Length: 14.5"
Diameter: 2.5"

Batons: Bronze
Pendant: Glass
Tube: Special Enhanced Cardboard

The Zaphir Sufi Chime....

The Zaphir Sufi chime has a lilting floral sound, reminiscent of precious orchids and feminine demi-god Renaissance roundness.

It is a chime to escape the miasma of dreary wintertime realities and enter into eternal mystical life of spring and the magic of spiritual growth.

The name of the chime (SUFI) is very much in tune with sound of the chime itself. A Sufi is a practitioner of Sufism, a dimension of Islam that focuses on the mystical deeper aspects of the belief system, not the political.

The Zaphir Sufi Chime, with its pleasant sounds, is lovely to use for psycho=spiritual healing, that process in which one accepts life's complications and difficulties and chooses to view them as gateways to greater understanding rather than mere annoyances and hardships.

Each Zaphir chime rings a series of 8 notes based on the 8 bronze rods inside which differ for tone length, the Sufi chime in particular consists of: F A D F A G A D.