Zaphir Crystalide Wind Chime - Green - FREE SHIPPING

Zaphir Crystalide Wind Chime - Green - FREE SHIPPING
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Chime Length: 5"
Total Chime Length: 14.5"
Diameter: 2.5"

Batons: Bronze
Pendant: Glass
Tube: Special Enhanced Cardboard

The Zaphir Crystalide Chime.....

Crystalide, is a neologism, but its indications of meaning. For example, the suffix, "ide," indicates an organic compound derived from another, or from the word, Crystalloid, which means resembling a crystal in shape.

This chime, to us, is reminiscent of water. Water, which covers most of the Earth and makes up most of the human body.

The Zaphir Crystalide Chime can take you from ranging from cold, cold ice to constant rain to evaporating mist, mirroring the natural cycle of this most important element.

Therefore the sound of this chime is derived from natural crystals formed by the earth, including, but not limited to, the crystallized ice found in freezing climates.

Each Zaphir chime rings a series of 8 notes based on the 8 bronze rods inside which differ for tone length, the Crystalide chime in particular consists of: G A B D A G B D.