SOLD OUT #4 Yin Yang Edition 3 (Thin) Friction Mallet by TTE Konklang - Solo

SOLD OUT #4 Yin Yang Edition 3 (Thin) Friction Mallet by TTE Konklang - Solo
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Mallet Weight:
40 gr / 1.4 oz

Mallet Head Diameter: 40 mm / 1.6 in
Handle Length: 18 cm / 7 in
Handle Diameter: 3 mm / .1 in

Mallet Specifications:
Mallet Head Material: Natural Latex Rubber
Mallet Head Texture: Roughened
Handle Material: Elastic Fiberglass Plastic
Mallet Head Color: Black
Handle Color: Natural Undyed White

This listing is for the indicated Yin Yang Edition 3 Mallet only. The Vario OTG 3 Yin Yang Mallet Handle must be purchased separately, yet is not required to use these awesome mallets.

This is an Edition 3 Series Mallet, which in TTE Konklang language translates to the diameter of the thin Fiberglass Plastic Mallet Handle. The Fiberglass Plastic Mallet Handle mounts inside the Vario OTG 3 Yin Yang Mallet Handle.

Edition 3 Yin Yang Mallets are distinguished by the fact their Fiberglass Handles are thinner than Edition 5 Mallets. Edition 3 Mallets are not compatible with the Vario OTG 5 Handle. If you want the plastic black handle as well, you should purchase the Vario OTG 3 Handle for this mallet.


Oh! The incredible sounds you can create with this gong mallet collection!

Call them "friction mallets" or "flumies" or "super rubbing amazios" it doesn't matter, they still do the trick on your gongs!

These are yin and yangers - a band of sound brothers and sisters! Not a one scarved lady or one mustachioed man band.

The Thin Fiberglass Plastic Mallet Handles are strong enough to use without the Vario OTG 3 Yin Yang Mallet Handle. However, many of our customers enjoy its benefits. It is available in our Friction Mallet Section, or as an accessory to this item, at the bottom of this page.

We have been working to get these in the USA for a while. It is a complex dance. Our price in the combination of having to get them all in from Europe, with the Euro to USD exchange rate, bank fees, then the shipping price, and then the customs and duties taxes.

Please enjoy our slideshow, which displays pictures of all of the mallet head sizes with the optional Vario OTG Handle:


Vario OTG 3 (Thin) Yin Yang Mallet Handle by TTE Konklang
Retail Price: $87.00
Gongs Unlimited Price: $59.00