15" Wuhan Tiger Gong - SOLD OUT

15" Wuhan Tiger Gong - SOLD OUT
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Yes, each gong comes with a mallet.

Dragons and Tigers have been symbols of protection and good fortune in China for centuries.

While the Emperors adopted the Dragon as their own, the Tiger remained with the common people, protecting them and bringing good fortune. MEEE-OW!

So where does the Tiger Gong fit into the Wuhan Pantheon? Simply put, as long as you're not the Emperor of China, you're going to love it.

Sonically, the Wuhan Tiger Gong creates a more full sound than its shimmery relative, the Wind Gong. And the Tiger Gong's pitch, while descending, is less of a pitch shift than its cousin, the Opera Gong.

Only available in 15" diameter

Please note: Although pictured above with a man who thinks he is Tiger, you will NOT receive a mallet that has been chewed. YOU WILL GET A CLEAN UNTOUCHED BY TIGER'S TEETH MALLET!

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