8" Wuhan Opera Gong

8" Wuhan Opera Gong
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Yes, each gong comes with a mallet.

Buy a Wuhan Opera Gong and you'll want to sing.

And dance. And engage in swordplay, acrobatics, and even mime. Yes, even mime.

Why? Because the above talents must be mastered by a Chinese Opera star. Chinese Opera ain't Western Opera. Chinese Opera is a folk art, for the regular folks, who like a little swordplay and acrobatics. (Most of the people at the Met seem to be half-dead millionaires who are more interested in diamond rings than the Ring Cycle.)

Chinese Opera can be performed on a tiny stage. It doesn't use big sets or props. Just make-up, costumes, and music. Music that is played by just a few instruments. One of which is the Gong, of course. Like our Wuhan Opera Gong.

Come on, you know you're tired of just playing "Air Gong" while rocking out to your latest Chinese Opera CD. Buy a Wuhan Opera Gong and learn to play. Then instead of a garage band, you and your buddies can start a garage Chinese Opera. (Chinese Opera groupies--Whoa!--way beyond awesome! Shanghai? No! Shag-hai!)

Our WUHAN OPERA Gongs range from 8" to 12".

The 8" and 9" come in ASCENDING and DESCENDING styles.

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Enjoy a demonstration of many types of Opera Gongs below!