26" Woodstock Awakening Bell (AWB) (Tuned to 512 Hz)

26" Woodstock Awakening Bell (AWB) (Tuned to 512 Hz)
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6 in. Tall
8 in. Deep
26 in. Wide

Turn down the volume on the harsh klaxon of your alarm clock and enter into the warm embrace of the Woodstock Awakening Bell.

The Woodstock Awakening Bell was developed by Garry Kvistad, founder of Woodstock Chimes, along with jazz musician Jack DeJohnette and sound therapist Dr. John Beaulieu to ensure a quality product with multiple functions.

Tuned to 512 Hertz, when the Awakening Bell is given voice it produces a long overtone. Designed to put the listener in a Theta state, centering them in an ocean of calm. The Awakening Bell opens your eyes and senses to a world of reduced stress and general well-being.

While simple to operate the Awakening Bell offers a variety of usages. It can be struck as a traditional bell to produce overtones or it can be played by rubbing, in the same way a Tibetan singing bowl is played. This second method produces more of a sustained pool of sound that you canít wait to dive into or wade around in, depending on your preferences.

The Woodstock Awakening Bell is shipped with a booklet that discusses the history of the bell and provides instructions on the different methods of playing it.

The best part of waking up is having the Awakening Bell there to greet you as you begin your journey toward consciousness and calm. Get one of your very own and begin your own awakening.

Via Woodstock:

"An instrument for sound healing and relaxation.

Developed in partnership with jazz great Jack DeJohnette, world renowned sound therapist Dr. John Beaulieu and Woodstock Chimes founder/musician Garry Kvistad.

When the Awakening Bell is sounded, the long overtones of the bell naturally puts the listener into a Theta state, which is a relaxed state characterized by deep calm. The tone of the Awakening Bell resonates with an area of the brain that helps control stress. Through this resonance we experience a lightness and sense of well being.

The Awakening Bell can be played two ways. Tap it and listen to the overtones, or rub it (Tibetan Singing Bowl style) and make it sing. The Awakening Bell comes with an instruction booklet that includes background information on the bell and explains how to play the bell (both styles of playing)."