Vic Firth Soundpower® Heavy Gong Beater (GB3)

Vic Firth Soundpower® Heavy Gong Beater (GB3)
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This Vic Firth Mallet is what you need when you want to get all the sound you can out of a larger gong.

The weight of the specially designed mallet head is enough to bring out all the great resonance and harmonics from your instrument.

The softness of the fabric not only protects the metal but it gives a little when it strikes the gong, and brings more depth.

Hitting a large gong without the right mallet, is like driving a Ferrari in a school zone. You just aren't using it to its potential.

If you have a large gong, or are buying one, don't cut corners on the mallet.

Go with the SoundPower and you won't be disappointed.