Vic Firth Soundpower® Large Gong Beater (GB1)

Vic Firth Soundpower® Large Gong Beater (GB1)
Item# vf-GB1
Retail Price: $79.00
Gongs Unlimited Price: $55.00
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Handle is 16" long
The mallet head is about 5" in diameter x 4" long

Sasha Mallethead was very young once, and she really loved her Vic Firth Gong Mallet back then!


Because she knew it was a great inexpensive mallet to use on large Paiste Gongs. The surface area is big and the softness brings out the deep tones gently and easily!

Sasha was so smart as a young girl.

Just see how happy she is with her new Vic Firth SoundPower GB1 Gong Mallet!

With its wool covered head, and the strong but supple wooden handle, the Vic Firth GB1 Gong Beater is a great, low cost substitute for expensive Paiste Brand mallets.

If your gong is 28" or larger, embrace this mallet, and then bang your Paiste gong without fear, and with a lot of money in your wallet.

Compare the Vic Firth GB1 to the Paiste M4