Unlimited ONE Gong Stand for 30" to 34" Gongs

Unlimited ONE Gong Stand for 30" to 34" Gongs
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FOR 30" to 34" Gongs
Height - 60"
Width at top - 48"
Inside width - 38"
Feet Depth - 19"
Vert Leg Width - 5"
WEIGHT OF STAND is Approximately 34 lbs.

For many lifetimes - incarnations from Druid to Buddhist to Atheist to Jewish to Inuit to Christian and even the Whodat FL-76 MultiDNA Spiralism of the year 2485 AD, the Malletheads at Gongs Unlimited have heard and heard again the plaintive cries from those who travel with their gongs... prayerful requests for a high quality, great looking RED OAK WOODEN GONG STAND that came apart easily for travel.

And was FINISHED IN A DURABLE SATIN LACQUER that looked incredible... and was made by a craftsman in the US, who was an editor at Fine Woodworking magazine in the Cosby Show Years of the 1980s, and wrote The Complete Woodworker’s Companion.


Got to the point where we couldn't meditate without the ringing in our head of hundreds, no thousands!!! of kundalinistas, sound therapizzazzers, percussions and percussdaughters crying out for this... and those prayers caught by aboriginal dreamcatchers and then sent to us...

These music angels they said to us - "Yo Malletheads, if you call yourself, dare to claim that you are "unlimited," then perhaps you need to remove your limitations here and create this wooden gong stand for traveling - or just placing - that is gorgeous, strong, and impressive. One that helps the sound of the gong, like a devoted life partner..."

We could not say, No. No we could not.

At least not and still call ourselves Gongs Unlimited. And so it is. Here:

The Unlimited One Wooden Gong Stand.

The semi-circle design is both aesthetically pleasing, as it echoes the circle of the gong, and strong as it is part of the verticals, allowing no wobble.

Three pieces! It's simple to take apart and assemble anew.

This below is what this gong stand looks like with a 32 inch Paiste Symphonic Gong in it.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping this stand requires a large box, even though it is in three separate pieces, and so the shipping is $150 USD. This is the cost to get it to you in Continental USA.