The Unban Cloud Plate - 45cm (approx. 18") - Custom Order

The Unban Cloud Plate - 45cm (approx. 18") - Custom Order
Item# unban-cloud-plate-45cm-18in
Retail Price: $3,500.00
Gongs Unlimited Price: $2,990.00
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Gongs Unlimited is delighted to introduce the Unban Cloud Plate!

So...What is an Unban?

"UN means cloud
BAN means the shape of board.
So this is the bell whose shape is cloud.
In my opinion, it does not look like cloud so much.
But as far as ancient people is concerned, this shape may equal cloud."
-The Unban, as described by the maker.

These bells are made with only high end materials, and are custom made in Japan.

Because they are made just for us, they may take 3-4 weeks to be received by us.

Can I get a mallet for this bell, you ask.
No problem! This fantastically superb Unban Cloud Plate comes with a high quality mallet!
Although pictured here as two mallets, the Unpam only comes with one.