Yin Yang Edition 5 Red Friction Mallets by TTE Konklang

CLICK HERE for Yin Yang Edition 5 (THICK HANDLE) Red Friction Mallets by TTE Konklang
Hello there Malletheads, who love the high quality and fantastic sound of the Yin Yang Mallets made in Germany.

These Edition 5 Red Mallets also feature a slightly different texture than you will find on the White-Handled Yin Yang Mallets.

This difference in texture is minimal some prefer it. They work exactly the same as the White-Handled ones.

Edition 5 Yin Yang Mallets are distinguished by the fact their Fiberglass Handles are THICKER than Edition 3 Mallets. Edition 5 Mallets are not compatible with the Vario OTG 3 Handle. Instead, you should purchase the Vario OTG 5 Handle for this size.