Terra Edition KK-4+1a Friction Mallet by TTE Konklang

Terra Edition KK-4+1a Friction Mallet by TTE Konklang
Item# gu-kk-41a
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Mallet Weight:
50 g / 2 oz

Mallets Head Diameter: 40 mm / 1.57 " and 25 mm / 0.98"
Handle Length: 17.9 cm / 7.08"
Handle Diameter: 5 mm / 0.2 "
Total Length: 21.75 cm / 8.5"

Mallet Specifications:
Mallet Head Material: India Rubber Elastic
Handle Material: Elastic Fiberglass Plastic
Mallets Head Color: Copper and Yellow
Handle Color: Natural Undyed White

Dominating frequencies: Medium to Deep Tone

The Terra Edition of TTE Konklang's rubber friction mallets can be easier to use for the less experienced gong player or for the advanced player who wants a new flumi sound that is more natural with less potential squeaks and surprise tones.

This natural India Rubber brings up your sonic palette.

Frequencies: medium to deep tone.