Talking Tree Gong Stand for 48" Gongs - FREE SHIPPING

Talking Tree Gong Stand for 48" Gongs - FREE SHIPPING
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-Top Width: 75"
-Top Depth: 3 1/2"
-Bottom Width: 71"
-Total Height:74"
-Total Depth: 15"
-Inner Diameter from hooks to bottom: 68"
-Inner Diameter left/right: 54"

The concept of a Talking Tree has been in the mythic human mind for as long as stories have existed.

The Greeks believed that the Dodona Grove prophesized, not only delivering the oracles as living beings but also reading the futures of the sea when used as wood for ships.

In ancient Indian lore the Tree of the Sun and the Moon provided future knowledge to weary travelers, speaking as a man in the daytime and a woman by night.

In myths from England and Scotland oracular trees spoke to respected Druids knowledgeable in divination. Even in more recent years, talking trees can be found in Tolkien novels, showing up as the Ents, an ancient and well-respected tribe of trees residing in the forest of Fangorn.

This Strong Oak Wood Gong Stand channels the ancient foresight of this magnificent mythic species and expresses its voice, not through the wood as in classic tales, but through the gong it carries.