24" Atlantis Gong on the Meinl Table Top Gong Stand (TMTGS-XL)

24" Atlantis Gong on the Meinl Table Top Gong Stand (TMTGS-XL)
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H: 31"
W: 30"
D: 14"

YES! This item includes gong, gong stand, and a mallet!

On the backstreets of Berlin, amidst the noise and sin, people amble and see things. Like this gong stand. Standing alone. Waiting for a passerby to place a gong on it.

The Berliner ruminates: "Was ist die Größe dieses Gong-Standes? Höhe? Breite? Tiefe? Ich wundere mich leise." translated to "What is the size of this gong stand? Height? Width? Depth? I wonder softly."

MEINL Table Gong Stands are fairly sturdy and their compact design allows you to play the gong in a comfortable position on the floor or have it placed on a table or credenza, or the back of someone in a yoga pose that has them hands and knees on the ground.

The C design allows the gong to swing on the stand and remain securely mounted.

In German, the phrase "Kreise die richtige Antwort ein" tells you to "Circle the Correct Answer." If your gong is 22 to 26 inches then the correct answer might be a Meinl Table Gong Stand.