Spirit Guide Gong Stand for 16" to 18" Gongs

Spirit Guide Gong Stand for 16" to 18" Gongs
Item# gu2-spirit18
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29.5" Wide
28.5" Tall
10" Deep

The Spirit Guide Wood Gong Stand is stained a rich dark brown with hints of red. It is perfect gong stand for your home, your office, or your past life regression.

We suggest a gong of 18" for the best look, but you can fit 16" to 19" gongs and still have it look remarkable.

Easy to assemble, sturdy, and classy - when you are ready to make your gong look even more gorgeous, go with the Spirit Guide Gong Stand.

We don't care if you met a wizard who can shape a gong stand out of a living redwood tree and not hurt it, or a leprechaun who might melt down his gold for you to make a gong stand.... FORGET THEM!

This Spirit Guide Gong Stand is here to guide you.

A SPIRIT GUIDE is a Spirit like you, who currently does not have a body. Their job is to guide you in one or more sections of your life. They are not there to drag you down, like, let's say an old friend from a past life, who may not be evolving at the same rate you are. They may be an old SPIRIT FRIEND... but don't listen to them for guidance.