Modern Antique Gong Stand for 22" Gongs

Modern Antique Gong Stand for 22" Gongs
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The Modern Antique Gong Stand at Gongs Unlimited brings you delight of Asian design combined with the clarity of classic American Design.

This is a Wood Gong Stand that is beautiful and strong, a gong stand that believes down to its core that we can all influence each other for the Good. Mixed Martial Arts, Mixed Marriages, Mixed Nuts... A Combo Plate, A Jazz Combo, A Combination of Hard Work and Luck...

You get the idea.

This is a Gong Stand that instantly becomes a Family Heirloom that your ancestors will claim they bought, and that your descendants will fight over who gets it when you die. This is a Gong Stand that can make a condo in Moscow look ultra hip, OR add more legitimacy to the original furnishings in a Castle in England.


This is a solid wood, heavy gong stand.
Gong Stand Measurements:
Top Width: 44"
Stand Height: 43"
Stand Depth: 14"
Inside Height: 28"
Inside Width: 27 1/2"

People will ask us, what is a "Modern Antique?"

Well, it can mean many different things to many different people, so rather than trying to force a definition out, we believe it is better to suggest other things-places-people in the world that we see as Modern Antiques, and explain why.

For example, Pope Francis is a Modern Antique.

Think about it: his Position as Pope of the Catholic Church hearkens back to the ancient and conservative. However, how he is handling it, is very modern, and bringing their classic ways into the present. By combining tradition and the future, he makes many people feel good.

But some do not get that reference, so they ask again, "What is a Modern Antique?"

And we happily answer....Well, to deserve the appellation of Modern Antique we feel you have to be something that will stand the test of some time, a generation or two or three, and yet still be compelling in aesthetic or unique use that not only do the people who lived through its initial incarnation miss it, but their grandchildren or great greatchildren can still appreciate it.

Maybe the technology has changed to the point where they don't need the item - hence, antique - but it could, and in many instances can, still fit in their lives.

Like the VW Van below. One does not bestow the term Modern Antique on just anything.

And the folks that were standing in the back and did not hear us will ask one more time, "What is a "Modern Antique?"

And we sing a little reply like this.... something that was wondrous and marvelous in the past, yet still can be appreciated today.

For example, the American Musical. In its heyday, on Broadway and movies, it was a great entertainment for millions of souls.

But then came Rock & Roll and MTV and avant garde theatre, and the Musical became less a part of our cultural fabric.

However it still lives on, whether in darker pieces like "RENT" or in family-safe Disneyana like "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL." It is not a force in our mental soundscape anymore, but it can still be appreciated. An art form that has been updated to still be enjoyed, the American Musical, like this gong stand, is a Modern Antique.