30" Sabian Chinese Gong (53001)

30" Sabian Chinese Gong (53001)
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Oh, Sabian Chinese Gong, how shall we describe thee?

How about like this? Imagine hitting this gong and hearing tha strong primary classic Chau Gong sound upon impact, but then hearing that choice gong followed by a veritable PURE SONIC RAINBOW, an outpouring of harmonics and tones that is pure Chinese Gong, as it massages your ear and all the way to your namaste spirit.

A classic Chinese Gong sound--a full sound that makes you feel like you've connected with the metaphysical "soul of sound"--developed by Turkish masters chilling out in Canada.

That's right: China. Turkey. Canada.

Each time you play a Sabian Chinese Gong, you are World Music. Or to paraphrase Barry Manilow, each time you hit this gong, "You write the World Songs that make the young girls cray-cray."