Pair of Rhythm & Melody Mallet by TTE Konklang (MM5_P)

Pair of Rhythm & Melody Mallet by TTE Konklang (MM5_P)
Item# tte-mm5_p
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Weight: 2.5 oz
Total Length: 16
Handle Length: 12
Mallet Head Diameter / Height: 2 by 2.5
Material: American Hickory - quality refined with beeswax / Synthetic longhair fur

These TTE KonKlang gong mallets may look sweet and furry, like a sensitive boy band singer, but like that boy bander, they can be charming in ways that are different than what their exterior insinuates.

These mallets are softer inside, yet also statuesque, and most importantly, bouncing, lilting and light. But this pair for gentle rolls.

These mallets work best on 22"-40" gongs.