Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand for Gongs up to 40"

Rambo Rimbaud Gong Stand for Gongs up to 40"
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We have two sizes of this gong stand:
The smaller size holds gongs up to 26 inches.
The larger size holds gongs from 28 to 40 inches.


Bigger Stand
44" WIDE
30" is the Depth of Feet

Rambo meets Rimbaud Fiercely Poetic Gong Stand

The truth, we have found in our existence, is that sometimes the simple, utilitarian, and dare we say, prosaic, has an innate poetry to it.

Not to say anything plain, or cheap, is poetic.

Certainly not if the object was designed, like many a tract home by many a developer, only with profit in mind.

But these gong stands are simple, pure and strong. And when you are with them, you feel a passion for clean black lines, the way the pieces of this gong stand fit together in an unusual way. The way they show off the gong, rather than themselves.

It is a poetry that is inextricably fused with the manufacture, the forging of the metal, the song of the design, that makes us contemplate the young poet Rimbaud meeting up the celluloid fleck of testosterone called Rambo.

Would there be homoerotic conflagrations? Sparks flying? Or incomprehension and fear?

Rimbaud, when he was done writing poetry, did run guns in North Africa, they say. And Stallone, does write the grunts that amble out, perhaps not iambically, from Rambo's mouth while he shoots guns in his movies.

Well, we suppose such musings are better left to film critics and college students. Not you and us.