Protective Dragon Feng Shui Gong Combo- FREE SHIPPING!

Protective Dragon Feng Shui Gong Combo- FREE SHIPPING!
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Suppose you need to give an incredible and unique gift that helps with Feng Shui AND have dragons on them. (THIS DESCRIBES MOST OF YOU, WE KNOW!)

Yes, this item comes with gong, pagoda style gong stand and mallet

Gong - 8.5 inches in diameter
Base - 6.25 inches deep
Width at base - 12.5 inches
Width at top - 13.5 inches
Height - 15 inches

These are delightful handmade gongs from a province in southern China. As such, not everyone is perfect as if stamped out by the slave labor that makes Apple phones. Love the fact that these are made by real folk not half human half cyborg.

Dragons in China are a symbol of Divine Protection and Vigilance.
Of all the creatures on Earth and in Heaven, is it considered Supreme.

Dragons can exist in the oceans, rise to the heavens, survive in the mountains on Earth.
In Chinese Mythology, the Dragon can ward off evil spirits, and bestow safety and protection to people.
The Chinese Dragon is considered the ultimate symbol of Good Fortune.

In Feng Shui:
The Dragon is one of the four Celestial Animals. It is very beneficial to have them around your home as they are one of the vital symbols of Feng Shui.

Please Note:
It is important to know the meaning of feng shui symbols before placing them in your home.
The dragon's meaning: It is a symbol of strength, protection and prosperity. It can protect one from harmful energy in life.

Where to keep a Dragon Symbol in your house:
The dragon can be put on your desk to bring it's Dragon Luck to you.
It is to be kept facing in the eastern direction, especially in offices and work areas.

However, don't place your dragon in the bedroom area, as its energy can be disruptive.