The Pretty Chill Gong Stand for 7" to 8" Gongs

The Pretty Chill Gong Stand for 7" to 8" Gongs
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Measurements of Gong Stand:
13.5" Tall
13" Wide
3 1/8" Deep

The Pretty Chill Gong Stand is an echo of a torii, a traditional Japanese gate often found at the entrance of Shinto shrine.
It marks the transition from the profane to the sacred.

The Pretty Chill stand for 7 to 8” gongs, with its ‘shrine gate-design’ recognizes the higher qualities of shrines of course, but also of gates.

Gates, in this context, recognize our desire to make a crossing, to see what it’s like on the other side. To remember our inner nature.

The Pretty Chill Gong Stand is easily shifted from one spot to another, allowing it to be placed in the spot which most increases the sense of flow in any room. Wherever your flow spot may be, the Pretty Chill stand is ready to slide in there and get to work.

Gates also recognize our need for security. For when you feel secure, you can chill-out, you can chillax.

The Pretty Chill stand is, as eponymously described, pretty chill.

The Pretty Chill Gong Stand, when coupled with any 7 or 8” gong, can help you draw a line in the sand, from profane to sacred.