Ollihess Mystic Light S186 Gong Mallet by Ollihess

Ollihess Mystic Light S186 Gong Mallet by Ollihess
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Yes this mallet comes with a USB plug in to charge it.

The Olli Hess Mystic Light Gong Mallet is a tricked out S186 Gong Mallet.

Total Length: 36 cm / 14? in
Handle Diameter: 1.75 cm / .7 in
Handle Length: 30 cm / 11? in
Mallet Head Diameter: 7 cm / 2 in
Mallet Head Height: 7.6 cm / 3 in
Material: Beech biologically waxed / Fleece

With this amazing and innovative gong mallet you can create unique lighting effects while playing in darker rooms.

It has an LED light that has 10 color modes and you can adjust it with different effects by pressing the button the bottom of the handle.

You charge it with the included USB plug, which you can charge via your laptop, or charger, or desktop computer even. It doesn't need additional batteries, just the one inside it that you charge.

Lights up for about 6 hours after charged!