1.5" Small Peng-Pong Bells

1.5" Small Peng-Pong Bells
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Also known as Peng Ling Bells, these sound most excellent!

Content Dimensions
Small Bell Diameter is 1.5" at base & 0.5" at top
1-1.5" high
Rope is roughly 12" long

Large Bell Diameter is 2" at base & 5/6th" at top
1.5" high
Rope is roughly 19" long

The Peng Bells provide a crystal clear tone that can compliment a deep gong. They have a healthy sustain and are a joy to be with.

They can be used for chanting, for cleaning the energetic matrix of a home or office or other space.

We like them for cleaning out heads or random noise and stale telepathic communication.

A Sliver of Chinese Bell History

Many chimes of bells appeared in the days before the Qin Dynasty (221 BC-206 BC). They produced quick and short notes. Each bell could produce two different notes. These musical bells were used mainly for performances.

Over history, these musical bells were turned into sacrificial vessels and symbols of power, rank and position of the ruling class. There were rules about bells: The emperor could have bells on the four sides of his palace. A duke or prince could have bells on three sides of his residence. A minister could have two bells and a regular official could have one bell.

Another Sliver of Chinese Bell History:
As Buddhism entered China, the ancient bells slowly became important musical instruments for Buddhism.

An old Chinese saying goes: There are bells at every temple. Without bells, there would be no temples.

With their imposing shapes and deep and prolonged sound, large round bells were widely used in Buddhism and Taoism.

They also entered the imperial court and became a symbol of imperial power. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, ancient Chinese bells were divided into musical bells, Buddhist bells, Taoist bells, imperial court bells and bells for sounding the night watches.

From this ancient time, it was recorded: Bells are the leading musical instruments made of metal. The peals of big ones can be heard five kilometers away and the strokes of small ones can reach places half a kilometer off.

When a monarch held court or an official leaves his office, a hell is struck to call together their subordinates.

A bell is struck at a feast to accompany the singing of songs. A bell is struck at a Buddhist or Taoist temple to draw the devotion of worshippers and the awe of ghosts and gods.