Paiste Square Gong Stand for 50" Gongs (ST48350)

Paiste Square Gong Stand for 50" Gongs (ST48350)
Item# p2-ST48350
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Gongs Unlimited Price: $900.00
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This item does NOT include the gong. But it does come with some wheels!

Item Specifications:

Total Height: 66.5" up to 109"

Total Width: 59"

Foot Depth: 40"

Inner Diameter: 56.5x56"

The Paiste Square Gong Stand

A classic gong stand style from a classic gong maker, Paiste.

Yes, these Paiste Gong Stands come apart for easy carrying.

Made from Steel, Paisteel, we like to call it. And then with thick, heat-sealed paint, these gong stands are like an old school BMW on the Autobahn, or Rodin's Thinker thinking out loud about where Nietzsche got so misunderstood, and how Ayn Rand got turned into a Calder mobile for infantile libertarians.

It's that good!


"Description: This stand fits one gong. The stand legs are adjustable in height for players to easily reach the gong in all playing situations. Square Stands are available in a black finish."

These photos are to give you a sense of the size of this gong stand. See how it is big, Jacob is 6 feet 2 inches...