A Pair of Thai Rhythm Pricks - Claves

A Pair of Thai Rhythm Pricks - Claves
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PAIR of Rhythm Prick-Claves: 
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These are the Rhythm Pricks you have been waiting for. These are sold in pairs. PLEASE NOTE, YOU ARE GETTING TWO OF THE SIZE YOU CHOOSE.

You don't have to play music with these stylin' claves, you can just use them as decor, but you know you need two!

They are like THAI CLAVES!

Great for keeping an aesthetically tactful tempo!

Just like claves, these Thai Rhythm Pricks, when struck, they produce a bright clicking noise.

Claves are very important in Cuban music, they are often used to play a repeating rhythm throughout a piece, known as clave, a key pattern (or guide-pattern) that is also found in African music and Brazilian music.

Classic Rock fans may recognize claves in the Beatles' "And I Love Her," and "Magic Bus" by the Who.

The basic technique of playing claves (OR RHYTHM PRICES) is to allow at least one of them to resonate. You can hold one lightly with the thumb and fingertips of your receptive hand, with palm up. This forms the hand into a resonating chamber for the clave. Holding the clave on top of finger nails makes the sound more clear.

The other RHYTHM PRICK is held by the dominant hand at one end with a firmer grip, much like how one normally holds a drumstick. With the end of this clave, the player strikes the resting clave in the center.

Traditionally, the striking clave is called el macho ("the male") and the resting clave is called la hembra ("the female").

This terminology is used even when the claves are identical, like if you have TWO PRICKS.