Georgey The Dorje - Ocean Drum from Nepal - FREE SHIPPING

Georgey The Dorje - Ocean Drum from Nepal - FREE SHIPPING
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Ocean Drum Dimensions
Drum Length from corner to corner: 16"
Drum Length from side to side: 15"
Drum Depth: 1"

Enlightenment strikes when it chooses.

In Buddhism, enlightenment is the waking realization that the physical world around you is not all that exists: worlds live within our minds, and our spirits are not tied to our bodies.

Picture this: a man, perhaps French for his name is Georgey (pronounced Johr-jay) stood at the edge of gorgey. Georgey at the Gorgey. His morning porridge churned in his belly.

“I am Georgey!” Georgey yelled into the gorgey.

“I am Georgey!” echoed the gorgey.

A thought in Georgey started to forge.

“I am the gorgey! I am Georgey, AND the gorgey!” yelled Gorgey.

Rapt in this revelation, Georgey yelled again and again, like a preschooler high on sugar biscuits, the echos crawling over one another like a choir.

George was more than himself, his body, his mind. Suddenly, like a lightening bolt, it struck. He was part of the entire picture, he, as spirit, free to explore the earth around him. Enlightenment had happened.

Something hit George in the head. It fell from the sky and caught him in the crown of his skull. He saw it bounce to his peripheral as he recoiled from the strike.

He picked up what initially appeared to be a misshapen double-sided candlestick. Confused by the object before him, he turned to the gorgey.

“Gorgey?” he yelled.

“Dorje, (pronounced "Door-Jay)” replied the gorgey, matter-of-factly.

So this is a dorje, George thought. Huh.

“Dorje, gorgey?” he asked.

“It’s an ancient Tibetan buddhist instrument of prayer, considered the “thunderbolt of enlightenment,” Georgey,” the gorgey explained, as it read from Gorgepedia.

“Cool!” Georgey yelled back.

Georgey turned the dorje around in his hands.

Beautifully made, with generations of history saturating it, the dorje seemed to set off a small charge in his hands that spread through him arms and into his head. He wasn’t wary of where it came from. He knew this was the next step.

“I am Georgey, gorgey! I am Georgey Dorje!” Georgey gleefully exclaimed, as he felt his spirit combine with the both the dorje and the rest of the universe around him.

“You’re Georgey the Dorje,” the gorgey echoed back.

“That’s simpler, yes!”

The spirit of Georgey lives in the Georgey the Dorje ocean drum.

Made by Nepalese craftsmen, this unique instrument features a hand-painted design of the Dorke on high-quality leather. The resonance when struck is an enlightenment in itself, reminding the listener that life exists both in and outside themselves, and is worth exploring.

Each of these drums are handmade and hand painted. The pictures below are to give you an idea of the subtle differences.


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