American Yin Yang - Ocean Drum from Nepal - FREE SHIPPING

American Yin Yang - Ocean Drum from Nepal - FREE SHIPPING
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Ocean Drum Dimensions
Drum Length from corner to corner: 16"
Drum Length from side to side: 15"
Drum Depth: 1"

America! Heck yeah! Ummm. On a cloudy day.

Everything feels dark and coldÖ from sea to shining sea.

The gray sea looks opaque today, doesnít it? Thereís not even a glare. The cloud cover dulls everything. Leave your Kindle at home, you can read on your iPad at the beachfront today without a squint.

Americaís sweetheart and most relatable icon, Garfield, hasnít gotten out of bed yet. (YAWN!) Jonís hasnít made a lasagna worth stealing yet, and our lovable orange tabby has his head tucked under his furry sheets. The collection of cut-out comic strips pinned to your gray cubicle wall wonít grow today.

Hmm. Itís cloudy, and work kind of dragged today. Still it is good to live in the home of the free and the brave. Deep breath!

You keep that in mind on the drive home. Hey Walmart! Theyíre selling Bomb Pops, 200 for $10. At that price, you NEED to buy 200 Bomb Pops. Red White and Bluesies.

Inside Walmart, the store is packed. The usual warm glow of fluorescent humming is dimmed by the fact a bunch of the bulbs need replacing. You push to get to the popsicle aisle, only to find 40 (!) Bomb Pops left. That isnít why you came here. You needed 200. Your neighbors and their giant freezer in the garage! Itís a frickin Cold War with them.

You slink through the store, dejected. You see a pair of sneakers meant to look like Adidas, marred by the telltale fourth stripe. You smell the inside of the shoes for some reason. Kind of reminds you of your childhood churchís basement, a cold mildew that smells like morose teenagers.

Suddenly, a DVD rack catches your eye. Toward the bottom you spot 1996ís ďThe Stupids,Ē the pinnacle of Tom Arnoldís storied body of work, and the only piece missing from your collection. Theyíre selling it for $2.99!! Philistines! You buy four and sleep well that night.

And the next morning. Itís sunny. America has woken fresh and new.

Youíre on the way to work, singing to a song on the radio that you like. You look out and see a city worker, coming up out of a manhole from the sewer, covered in stinky muck, but smiling as he holds a dog that he had rescued. His bright white teeth shine in the lightís glare from the TV news cameras, as do the poochís. They are applauded by high school cheerleaders and the Chamber of Commerce. It is a celebration that smells like the cream in a Twinkie. Their reflection, rhinestones, and naive fervor fills your heart with hope anew.

Nothing can go wrong! You are on the right side of history today!

Thereís yin and thereís yang. They need each other. Thatís just how it works.

Sometimes there wonít be yang, and your yin will feel lonely. Other days, youíre going to spill yang everywhere and have not enough yin to mop it up with.

Simply, youíre always going to need a way to balance, to add yin and/or yang to your life. Thatís the American Yin Yang Ocean Drumís job. The instrument, with its meditative and smooth wave-like sounds, help bring peace to a life of stress, and help completes the picture of America weíve painted. Or the one in your head. It can be the sun, the lasagna, the popsicle you need. It can be Tom Arnold, with or without Roseanne, it can be a sewage covered worker smiling with a lost dog in his arms.

Nepal understands us. YANG UP ON THE MOUNTAIN. And we understand Nepal, YIN ON THE FERTILE CONTINENT.

The ocean drum is uniquely made by Nepalese drum-makers using animal leather and hand-made wood. Its ageless aesthetic will add to any living space, helping bring both yin and yang, adapting to allow for one over the other, if necessary.

At Gongs Unlimited, itís our customers that are the yin to our yang. If you have any thoughts, sermons, questions, inquiries or totters for our teeters, feel free to contact us!

Each of these drums are handmade and hand painted. The pictures below are to give you an idea of the subtle differences.


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