Medicine Buddha - Ocean Drum from Nepal - FREE SHIPPING

Medicine Buddha - Ocean Drum from Nepal - FREE SHIPPING
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Ocean Drum Dimensions
Drum Length from corner to corner: 16"
Drum Length from side to side: 15"
Drum Depth: 1"

Yakushi, or the “Medicine Buddha,” emanates healing. It’s why he’s blue—the healing energy within him so powerful it manifests itself physically, causing him to project a blue light from his being—and it’s why you’ll find him on our Made in Nepal Medicine Buddha Ocean Drums.

With origins in sixth century Japan, Yakushi made twelve vows as a Bodhisattva after reaching enlightenment. Among the twelve, he vowed to “illuminate countless realms with his radiance, enabling anyone to become a Buddha just like him.”

Finally, an enabler worth having in your life.

As the centuries passed, Yakushi’s popularity grew. His influence was found in every region, and class, of Japan, his message of healing and enlightenment resonating with followers.

His teachings lead to many statues being built in his memory, which has played a role in his lasting popularity, allowing his insights of emotional, physical and financial prosperity to reach continually new audiences.

The same spirit of healing can be found in the Medicine Buddha Ocean Drum. The sound, smooth like the waves, washes through the listener, bringing with it calm and understanding.

This is the perfect instrument for those both new and experienced with sound healing, attenuating the pressures and annoyances of everyday life.

A quick aside: one of Yakushi’s vows was “to help clothe those who are destitute and suffering from cold and mosquitoes.” Unfortunately, while mosquitoes may be chilled out by the sound, this drum is DEET-free, so don’t expect them to be gone afterward.

And if you hit this drum naked, you’re going to remain such. Whether this is good or bad depends on the context of the moment.

Each ocean drum was uniquely made and hand-painted by Nepalese drum makers using animal leather and handmade wood, making each instrument its own. The timeless aesthetic of the drum will also add to any room it finds a home in, bringing peace and healing to the space.

Have any questions, concerns or non-sequiturs for us? Feel free to call or email us anytime. We’re here to hear you.

Each of these drums are handmade and hand painted. The pictures below are to give you an idea of the subtle differences.


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