24" A#2 Sidereal Moon Paiste Planet Gong (PG82324)

24" A#2 Sidereal Moon Paiste Planet Gong (PG82324)
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PAISTE MOON - SIDEREAL GONG - 24 inches Diameter
24˝ Sidereal Moon A#2-227.43 Hz

We sometimes get calls from people asking for the New Moon Gong or the Full Moon Gong. These are terms you may hear in various circles, and we have found different circles refer to each gong differently. Paiste does not label either as Full or New.

The Sidereal month is how long the Moon takes to make one full revolution around the Earth --with respect to the background stars. Returning to its same place in relation to the sky!

But because the Earth is constantly moving as it orbits our Sun, the Moon travels slightly MORE than a full circle (360 degrees) to get from new moon to new moon. (That is the Synodic Moon Gong.)

Hence..the synodic month (a.k.a. lunar month) is longer than the sidereal. Sidereal = 27.322 days. Synodic month = 29.531 days.