38" B1 Sun Paiste Planet Gong (PG81138)

38" B1 Sun Paiste Planet Gong (PG81138)
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PAISTE SUN GONG - 38 inches Diameter
Sun B1 -126.22 Hz

See and hear our beautiful Paiste Sun Gong sound samples in VIDEOS.

According to Hans Cousto, the mathematician, philosopher and visionary who determined these notes for the Paiste Planetary Gongs - the color associated with the Paiste Sun Gong is light green.

How did he choose this frequency you might wonder?
The Malletheads at Gongs Unlimited sure did.

One very compelling element in how Mr. Cousto arrived at this tone for the Sun, is to compare it to how he got the tones for all the planet gongs, not the Sun, but the planets.

In order to get an audible tone, he had to use the planet's natural frequency and raise it a few octaves higher to make it heard to our human ears. He mentions his mathematics is all based on natural world physics and actual vibrations.

However, the hertz frequency of the Sun Gong, not only did he have to lower the tone, but he also calculated it based on theoretical means. Not natural vibrations.

To do justice to Cousto's thoughts or calculations is not in the ability on this brief page.

But we will give you a taste:< He used Kepler's Third Law of Planetary Motion, and was able to graph the planets' orbits, orbital speeds and distance from the Sun, this revealing their hertz. From there he used the Law of Octaves to take that frequency and make it audible.

But how to get the Sun's frequency, as it does not orbit itself?

So Cousto hypothesized a planet orbiting our Sun at the speed of light. Which tends to be the limit of our natural physics and awareness. (Once you get beyond that you get to subatomic particles and a whole different set of rules.)

Now, how would that imagined planet, orbiting at the speed of light, fit into our solar system?

Well, it would fit in very tight against the Sun. Mathematically tight. And it's frequency be very high.

From this theoretical basis, Cousto used this vibration to calculate the tone of the Sun, as it relates to his Planetary tones.

Because Cousto calculated this tone based on theory, and an imagined planet that orbits at the speed of light, not an actual planet with natural observable numbers, he likened the frequency of the Sun, and we can extrapolate here to the the Paiste Sun Gong, to a tone that "corresponds to the limits of physical existence."

The Sun Tone represents for him "a door from one world into another." Cousto says with this tone you are helped to "exit from the known, mechanistic, and physical world..." and can enter " a new world-- a magic world."

Because of his calculations being based on the speed of light, he suggests that meditation to this tone "will lead the listener to a state beyond good and bad, shame and guilt, beyond space and time, knowledge and wisdom, action and rest, being and non-being."

Find your space with this gong, and he feels you will get beyond space, and this frequency can lead to a place out of duality, where you are reunited with the Creator.