Paiste Gongs

Paiste Gongs
Why is Gongs Unlimited a great place to purchase your PAISTE GONG and ACCESSORIES?

It's not just because of our low prices. It is because we are a small shop and all we sell are gongs.

We focus on your needs and the details of your order. Sound Healing? Kundalini Yoga? Soundtrack or Orchestral Needs? We've been there and love them all. We make sure everything is handled with care! We personally listen to all the Paiste Gongs when they come in, checking them all. Then, if you want, weeven make a short video for you to compare what we have in stock so you get the right gong for you! If it's the personal touch you want, give us a call!

People often ask how Paiste Gongs are different than Chinese Gongs.

Well, one way is they are made of Nickel Silver. Nickel Silver is a metal alloy of copper with nickel and often, but not always, zinc. It is named for its silvery appearance, but contains no actual silver.