Paiste Gong Gut for 38" Gongs (GUT38SG) - FREE SHIPPING

Paiste Gong Gut for 38" Gongs (GUT38SG) - FREE SHIPPING
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Why, yes, the prices above INCLUDE shipping, to the USA.

The sizes listed above are based on the diameter of the gong.

For example: The 28 inch Gong Gut is for a 28 inch gong. The gong gut itself is not 28 inches long.

So relax. You do NOT need to worry about how long your gong gut is, you just need to know the diameter of you gong. Very simple and easy, mis amigos!

Paiste Gong Gut for Sale!

Paiste Gongs come with special cat gut that is prepared to hold your Paiste Gong and help it create great clear sounds and sonic tonics to fix your aural ailments.

The Malletheads at Gongs Unlimited are happy to offer this key part--the literal Guts!!!--of the Paiste Gong Part Pantheon to our customers.

While we do try to stock lots of Paiste Gong Gut, these hanging cords for your Paiste Gong do go in and out of inventory at random times. If you have a specific need by a specific date, please email us to check on availability.


"Each Paiste Gong comes with suspension made of gut string. Gut string is supremely suited as it minimizes the transfer of vibrations to the gong stand. From time to time the gut string should be examined for wear and tear and, if necessary, be replaced. Each gong should be suspended so that it may swing freely forward, backward, and to the sides without touching the stand."

A classic photo of Paiste Gong Makers from long ago.