30" F2 Platonic Year Paiste Planet Gong (PG81630)

30" F2 Platonic Year Paiste Planet Gong (PG81630)
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30" Platonic Year F2-172.06 Hz

The little bits of literature written on this gong suggests its frequency is related to the Crown Chakra, and because of this it will connect a person, a soul, more closely to God. (Yes, the cleaner your chakras, the clearer you can communicate with Spirit. If you seek to communicate with God more clearly, it is very good to have your crown chakra clean... frankly, the other ones too. When your chakras are laden with energies from other people, lower level controlling spirits, or just your own funky energy, it is harder to get higher level communication.)

The Platonic Year Gong is one of our favorite Planetary Gongs at Gongs Unlimited because we have found that it not only works your crown chakra, but also your eighth chakra, the first one outside your physical body. (Yes, there are 12 chakras, and actually 12 layers to your aura, when you start including the more subtle bodies.)

The eighth chakra is where you receive information from your higher self down into your consciousness. Want to know what is happening on the higher realms? Revel in this gong's energy. Want to connect to the rhythms of the Earth and its changes? Heal with this gong.

Not only does it carry a beautiful sound to your ears, it carries a beautiful energy to your soul.


What the Platonic Year is, is explained, in a simple manner below the sound sample video.

What we have found is that this gong - being tuned and synced to such a deep and long cycle as the Platonic Year is important now - not just for your personal spiritual healing, for personal concerns, but it can help release the energies in people that are still in tune with the departing Piscean Age.

If you have groups that like to pray for peace or growth for the planet, us humans as a species, then this gong can help you help them move to a new way of connection in the Aquarian Age. Sure singing along with the Broadway Musical HAIR! might have done it in the 1970's, but let's take off the beads and bellbottoms and allow the Platonic Year Gong do it for real.

Playing it regularly and consistently will attune you for what psychics have said is the upcoming time of Earth Changes and then the time past that.

While others will stumble more, if you have played the Platonic Year and allowed yourself to be healed, you can be a light, a guide to those who will feel ungrounded or need help.

Listen to the Paiste Platonic Year Gong Sound File

"What is the Platonic Year?" many gong players have asked us, over the last few years. (It is also known as the GREAT YEAR.)

Plato was aware of how the Earth moved relative to the stars. He of course, did not call it the Platonic Year. He called it the Perfect Year.

"And so people are all but ignorant of the fact that time really is the wanderings of these bodies, bewilderingly numerous as they are and astonishingly variegated.
It is none the less possible, however, to discern that the perfect number of time brings to completion the perfect year at that moment when the relative speeds of all eight periods have been completed together and, measured by the circle of the same that moves uniformly, have achieved their consummation."

The Platonic Year. It is not something many of us study in elementary school astronomy, and we don't get Platonic Year calendars with fuzzy wuzzy kitty cats on them.

So we will endeavor here to briefly explain the Platonic Year and then also Hans Cousto's derivation of a tone for it.

The Platonic Year is the time it takes the Earth's axis - that is the imagined line that goes from North Pole to South Pole in the center of our planet - to go through one whole PRECESSION, or otherwise known as PRECESSION OF THE EQUINOXES. NASA suggests this to be about 25800 years.

This video gives a good visual explanation of it.

It takes the Earth about 25800 to 26000 years to go through one Platonic Year. It is a big deep cycle.

When you hear of the "Age of Aquarius" it is because the equinox is moving from one sign of the Zodiac to another. It takes about 2160 years to do this, approximately. It does not happen at one particular moment, it happens over some decades. These are big time periods, folks.