28" G2 Sidereal Day Paiste Planet Gong (PG81828)

28" G2 Sidereal Day Paiste Planet Gong (PG81828)
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28" Sidereal Day G2-194.71 Hz

What exactly does "Sidereal" mean?

Well, it's meaning has to do with, of, or relating the constellations, the distant stars in our night sky. Those are the shiny bits in the sky that you can see when you are away from the electrified and well-lit urban centers on our planet.

(People ask, and we reply - the word is usually pronounced SIGH-deer-uh-al.)

In regards to the two Paiste Gongs, Earth and Moon, that are Sidereal, it has to do with Sidereal Time, that is time, as determined by the placement of the stars.

This means it has to do with the motion of the earth in relation to the stars... not in relation to our local Sun. (That's more Solar Time.)

On our spinning planet, a Sidereal Day is about 4 minutes shorter than a Solar Day. (Hence, why we get into that leap year thing, every 4 years.)

A sidereal day is the amount of time it takes for a star in the Earth sky to come back to the same place in the sky.

Because, for all intents and purposes, the sky is fixed in relation to us, a sidereal day is when the earth rotates a perfectly sweet 360 degrees. And that amount of time is 23 hours 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds long.

Now of course, when doing the mathematics that Hans Cousto did to arrive at these frequencies used for the Paiste Planet Gongs, he noted that they are very close in tone. While the Sidereal Day, which this gong is, comes in at 194.71 Hertz, the Mean Solar Day is just a little lower at 194.18 Hertz. But both frequencies call within the note of G, in the second octave.

G is an active happy tone. Yep! Bright and joyous.

Below is a symphony written in G. You can hear how vitalizing and active it is, filled with energy of being alive and vital on Earth.

When extrapolated mathematically out to higher frequencies/octaves, ones we can see, the Sidereal Day tone will present our eyes with a frequency of orange-red.

This color range creates an emotional-psychological reaction that relates to action, dynamic feelings, and vitalizing to the physical body. Cousto noted various experiments that showed it helped with cell division and growth.

Given this information, one can extrapolate that the Earth Sidereal Day gong is good for working with people who suffer from depression or are generally dispirited, OR people who may be recuperating from an illness that slowed them down - be it flu or Epstein-Barr, OR who repairing from an injury. Athletes and Dancers will respond well to its vibration.

It is also a great gong for working with clients who are having issues integrating their spiritual and psychological growth into their bodies.

Many times a soul will take big steps in evolvement on the astral, and in their aura, but their physical body is used to running at a lower vibration, trapped by family, ancestor, or other social group's limits... or their mind is stuck running the same negative thoughts - hence their spiritual growth is impeded by some energies stuck in their body. The Earth Sidereal Day gong is a great choice to help them release these blocks.

However, The Malletheads of Gongs Unlimited also have noted that this gong works very well with the circulatory system and the blood flow. Issues related to blood pressure, heart and similar diseases might find this gong helpful.

And another level that makes us love this gong, is its ability to help give people who experience it, some room from the schedules of day-in and day-out life that we find ourselves busy in.

We can get trapped in our calendars and schedules and alarms and meetings. Our bodies are busy, but are they alive?

If you or your gong listeners and clients have lost some of your freedom to the workaday world schedule, to the eat lunch at this time, watch TV at this time, go to sleep at that time, do business at this time, on Wednesday as Flight of the Conchords would say...

....then this gong is a great healing aid. The Earth Sidereal Day! For it helps your nervous system disconnect from that "reality" - while still living in it - and reconnect with the Earth's vibration in this galaxy and universe, and because of that you can be aware of the deeper cycles the way the not-so-ancients did it. A more natural and real way.

It will reduce the "hyper" quality in your nervous system. It will help you reconnect with the planet in a more profound way.

Walk again like the ancients, like the astrologers and wise folks of old, but in present time. For who are you, dear reader and gong player, but a wise one reincarnate?