32" D#2 Chiron Paiste Planet Gong (PG82432)

32" D#2 Chiron Paiste Planet Gong (PG82432)
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PAISTE CHIRON GONG - 32 inches in diameter
32" Chiron D#2-151.27 Hz

Chiron - discovered in 1977 - the comet-asteroid that orbits mostly between Uranus and Saturn - named after the Mythic Wounded Healer a centaur half horse and half human who was wounded in the leg and subsequently pursued healing with the teaching of Apollo and eventually taught Aesclepius, the Greek God of Medicine.

Chiron serves as a connecting point. It is between Saturn (traditional, structured, predictable) and Uranus (eccentric, unpredictable,and inventive). Chiron folks strive to bring new ideas into existing structures, or bring some structure to innovative ideas.

The Malletheads are definitely Chiron-influenced, if you hadn't guessed by our site. We think the Paiste Chiron Gong is a valuable gong for many alternative healers, psychologists, and sound therapists. Many of us overcome our own wounds as we become healers and energy workers and it is what makes us empathetic to our clients' concerns. YAY! CHIRON!