Paiste "C" Floor Gong Stand for 36" Gongs (ST48136)

Paiste "C" Floor Gong Stand for 36" Gongs (ST48136)
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Paiste Gong Stand Sometimes called the Paiste Floor Gong Stand or the Paiste "C" Stand

If you would like a BAG to carry this stand in, we have a link to the correct size gong bag at the bottom of this page. HOORAY! Please NOTE: to travel with this stand in this bag, you need to remove the feet so it fits in.

This is the gong stand preferred by kundalini teachers!

You can sit and play the gong while easing your students into meditative calm.

Made from Forged Iron, it is nice and heavy.

It ain't no hollow steel tubing.

The Paiste Floor Gong Stand: like catnip for gongs.

Width is measurement across "C" part of stand
For 36 inch Gong
H: 47"
W: 39"
Foot Depth: 13"
Because the weight of the iron is more than the steel tubes of our circle gongs, the feet do not have to be as large to support this gong stand. The Paiste Stand does not blow away.


"Description: This stand fits one gong. Gong Round Stands are available in a black finish."


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