The New Modernist Bells (Set of 3) by Joćo Pais Filipe

The New Modernist Bells (Set of 3) by Joćo Pais Filipe
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Yes, this comes with all three bells and a small striker!

Measurements: Small Bell: Diameter 2.5" - Height 2.25" Medium Bell: Diameter 3" - Height 2" Large Bell: Diameter 3.5" - Height 2"

Traditional Modernism sprung from the head and heart of the late 19th and early 20th century, when thinkers and artists rejected the previous religious beliefs and even the 18th century holding of Reason above All.

Modernism said these were old ways of viewing the world, outmoded and not able to deal with the vast changes that were happening in all of Western society at that time.

But here we are now in the early 21st century, and the views of Modernism can be looked and considered quaint and antique from our view now. We must have New Modernists! A New Modernism!

What sort of thought, art, and spiritual views must we create and hold to deal with a warming world, a violent body politic, a computer connected world that can be miraculous, or in a micro-second, collapse leaving the world lost and stranded?

We are not certain, but we do know that one must connect to the Higher Source, without the lies and controls of the past. We do know that it must include a love for all beings, and for one's self. We know that it must embrace intelligence and seek answers and change more quickly than ever before.

And that is why these three New Modernist Bells are the sound of a new liturgy.

The sound to be heard both in agora and internally - they are perfect for the yogi, the sound healer, the married nun, the profligate monk. They dissolve dichotomies and embrace a new religion, aesthetic, and experience.

They are for you - The New Modernist!