Pair of Mike Balter Extra Soft Marimba Mallets (186B)

Pair of Mike Balter Extra Soft Marimba Mallets (186B)
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These mallets are great for doing rolls on your large gongs because, the yarn is soft so the build happens gradually, yet with enough strength the audience can infer you are master of gong playing.

The Universal series 186B extra soft to soft yarn marimba mallets have soft wool wrap and varying core materials to create an incredible multi-tonal tool for five octave instruments. The 186B is soft enough to flourish in low octaves of extended instruments and retain strength when climbing to middle registers. Birch handles are strong and flexible, giving the Universal series added power and durability.

Name: Mike Balter Universal Series Extra Soft to Soft Marimba Mallets with Rattan Handles
Brand: Mike Balter
Model #: 186B
Series: Universal
Material: Yarn
Color: Brown
Diameter: 1 3/4"
Hardness: Very Soft
Shaft :Material Birch