LP Monsoon Rainmaker (LP456M)

LP Monsoon Rainmaker (LP456M)
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Via LP: "Perhaps the greatest Rainmaker on the market, the LP Monsoon Rainmaker creates an incredible rainfall sound that lasts approximately 25 seconds."

Via Gongs Unlimited This Rainmaker blew our minds when we first used it. It just goes on and on and on, with little effort. This is a rainmaker for these times of Earth Changes! This is a rainmaker for a time with extreme weather. You, your kids, and grandkids want a rainmaker that matches their experience with monsoons, cyclones, hurricanes and the rest! THIS IS THAT RAINMAKER!

Some say approx 25 seconds of rainfall... We say more!
Solid wood construction. Attractive Stain.
24 inches in length is this mighty beast


The LP Monsoon Rainmaker has an interior design that lengthens the travel of the inside noisemakers and thus stretches the time of your sonic rain shower. So happy you will feel, it will be like a sun shower!

If you are used to the 10 second rain shower, smile a big smile, Mr. and Mrs. Percussionist! You don't need to flip over this Monsoon Rainmaker that fast!