5" Unlimited Kabru Singing Bowl

5" Unlimited Kabru Singing Bowl
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This bowl comes with a pillow and mallet.

Approximate Bowl Measurements:

Bowl Diameter: 5" / 13 cm
Bowl Weight: 1 lb 2 oz / 500 g


All of Gongs Unlimited Himalayan Singing bowls are named after one of the Mountains of Himalaya.

Kabru literally means the 'White Avalanche' peak. Poised majestically in the Singalila range of the Sikkim Himalaya, these mountains owing to their awesome proportions and formidable approaches, have remained mostly elusive till date, seldom attempted by mountaineers in the recent times. The Indo-Nepal border runs along the ridge which passes through the summits of Kabru. The western face of the mountain is in Nepal and the eastern face is in India as the border runs along the ridge.