Epiphany Ball - Half - Friction Mallet

Epiphany Ball - Half  - Friction Mallet
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9.25 inches from head to toe
Diameter of head - 2.25 inches

This is for LARGE GONGS, think 32 inch and larger in diameter.



The Epiphany mallets (both half as well as full round) should bring a LOW pitched sound from your Large Gong. You do this by pulling it at an angle, slowly and gently. Please note that finding the correct angle and pressure make take a few tries.

Do NOT apply hard pressure and rub quickly as this will wear the mallet out much faster and may even break the handle.

The Half Epiphany rub mallets are played by having the handle placed close to the Gong surface and pulled fairly slowly and with light pressure.

When you find the correct pressure the sound will get fairly loud and vary in pitch. It takes practice to to get varying pitch by trying different distances from the center in a circular motion around the gong.

PLEASE NOTE: These mallets are not for striking or rubbing vertically and if used with hard pressure or other than described above will not have a warranty for breakage.


An Epiphany is a sudden or striking realization.

The kind that Sudden Clarity Clarence (SEE THE MEME BELOW) has all the time.

Epiphany used to have more of a spiritual connotation, but now it has become more secular.

But really, don't most great insights (NOT THE ONES BELOW) have the touch of the divine in them. A connecting of your mind into the Divine Mind?