The Large Asclepius Gong Stand for 42" to 48" Gongs - SOLD OUT

The Large Asclepius Gong Stand for 42" to 48" Gongs - SOLD OUT
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Stand Dimensions
Height: 78"
Width: 67"
Depth: 23"

Please note - the box we pack this gong stand within - it is so large that we have to ship this gong stand via FREIGHT. That is why ship cost is 200 dollars.

Asclepius Gong Stand

Asclepius, son of Apollo, is the Greek god of medicine and healing. If you claimed to possess his power of healing, you would be part of the Asclepiads, a clan of people who believed they were direct descendants of Asclepius.

The staff Asclepius is often depicted with was a long walking staff with a single snake wrapping itself around it from top to bottom. In the Mediterranean region, snakes were seen as symbols of the power to heal and rejuvenate.

To pray for healing, healers and the sick would call out Asclepius’ name, believing that invoking his name would bring forth his power to heal.

Homer mentions Asclepius in his epic poem, The Iliad, around 8 BCE. This creates the thought that Asclepius was once a living man who was elevated to a god as a result of his eminent healing abilities.