Joćo Pais Filipe Gongs

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Joćo Pais Filipe is a drummer/percussionist from Portugal who is also a sound sculptor.

His career as a musician includes a wide range of styles and languages (in bands like Sektor 304, HHY & The Macumbas, Unzen Pilot and Fail Better!, Pedra Contida, Radial Chao Opera, and Two White Monsters Around the Round Table). He also participates in the world of improvised music, including numerous projects alongside musicians such as Steve Hubback, Fritz Hauser, Evan Parker, Marcello Magliocchi, Stefano Giust, George Haslam, Carlos "Zingaro," and Rafael Toral.

More importantly for the Gong Lover, Joćo Pais Filipe makes Gongs, Cymbals, and other metal percussion instruments, through which he explores the acoustic properties of these objects and their potential sculptural dimension and imagery.

The New Modernist Bells (Set of 3) by Joćo Pais Filipe
Retail Price: $729.00
Gongs Unlimited Price: $499.00