John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) 38" Paiste Gong Combo - Replica Kit - FREE SHIPPING

John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) 38" Paiste Gong Combo - Replica Kit - FREE SHIPPING
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For the John Bonham fan, for the Led Zeppelin tribute band, for someone just looking for a huge gong with a huge sound in a huge way... This 38" Paiste Symphonic Gong combo is pretty awesome.

This combo includes:
* The 38" Paiste Symphonic Gong
* The Paiste Round Orchestral Gong Stand
* The Paiste Gong Mallet M7

The PAISTE SYMPHONIC GONG is a remarkable gong. It's complex overtones and musicality bring up tremendous delight and joy!

From PAISTE, on their process:

"We are the industry leader in discovering new mixtures and procedures, having introduced several alloys to Gong making, including one for which we received a patent. We use finished raw materials (round, flat disks) from several specialized foundries and rolling mills. We select these suppliers due to their specialized and superior technical abilities and large scale of operations."

From PAISTE, on Symphonic Gongs:

"Symphonic Gongs (SG) are flat gongs with a harmonic and universal sound structure. The sound character of these gongs can be influenced and varied through the nature of the stroke, as well as the size, weight, and composition of the mallets. By varying the striking points, highs, lows, and various sound mixtures contained in the entirety of the gong's sounds sphere may be extracted and played up… The fundamental note of the gong is balanced with the instrument's complex overtones."

Paiste Mallet Measurements:
Model # GM49007 Gong Mallet M7
Weight / Length: 900 gr. / 445 mm
Handle / Head Diameter: 20 mm / 123 mm

For 36" to 40" Gong
H: 76"
W: 50" (Width is for legs)

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The Paiste Symphonic Gong, one of mankind’s most marvelous works of sonorous metal.

This gong on this stand is perfect for those gong players involved in kundalini yoga practice, sound healers, or others that like to be seated on the floor while playing their gong.

The Paiste Gong is made from a metal called nickel-silver, which is different that the traditional bronze that Chinese Gongs are made from. It is lighter and produces a more refined tone.

The Round Stand has a striking appearance and works best for standing or sitting on a chair when playing. It costs a bit more to ship, but if you a player with no angles, who enjoys a view with no beginning and no end, this is the stand for you!

This Paiste Orchestral Gong Stand - round with legs -is a strong, solid gong stand. But it is not so heavy you can't lift it! Fashioned out of steel tubes and with a matte black finish that is classy and sexy, cool and professional, spiritual and earthly, this Paiste Gong Stand is not only a a musical accessory, it is a metaphor for the single person ripe to become a dyad, for once you realize you are classy and sexy, cool and professional, spiritual and earthly, then you realize you can find the perfect person to "hang" with!

The Paiste Gong Mallet is specifically designed for the Paiste Gong. It has a soft synthetic lambs wool covering the heavier inside. This protects the gong while allowing you to create a deep full sound.

If you are interested in a Gong Bag to protect your gong while you travel about town, from gig to gig, please contact us and we can suggest the right size for you.

We are gong aficionados, not just a music discounter throwing every instrument up against the wall. But oddly, we still strive to have the best prices. We believe in giving you great service with low pricing.

According to auction notes, when the original Paiste Gong that Bonham played was sold, John’s use of the gong was “inspired by Carmine Appice, drummer with Vanilla Fudge, whom Led Zeppelin supported on their first US concerts in December 1968. Jeff Ocheltree, John's former drum tech recalls in A Thunder Of Drums that ‘...The first Paiste gongs had Chinese caricature letters on them. Later on they had Paiste on them. John knew how to ‘warm up’ the gong with a mallet – and he used it for definite dynamic effect in a couple of tunes, not just for bashing...’”

While not a pyromaniac, John Bonham also would set his gong ablaze at the end of his solo in Zeppelin's “Moby Dick.” His roadie Mick Hinton had to set it alight using lighter fluid.