Jens Zygar

Jens Zygar Recordings
Jens Zygar is a German musician and gong player. His exceedingly eclectic body of work spans many different genres, instruments, and cosmic states.

Zygar's music and mystic interests led him to meeting Hans Cousto, author and philosopher well-versed in the theories of Cosmic Octave. After working together for five years pinpointing the frequencies, Zygar and Cousto began work with Paiste in developing the first ever line of planetary tuned gongs.

Jens Zygar kept his focus on the cosmos when in 1989 he created Star Sounds Orchestra with Steve Schroyder, a well-known keyboardist. Both musicians greatly enjoyed the way cosmic music bound them closely with the universe and they wished to share this intense connection with their audience. Using planetary instruments they created a metaphysical soundscape for their listeners at music festivals and shows. Eventually they began to broaden their sound to include electronic beats to mix with the ambient music they were originally producing, a sound that transcended the genres of both planetary and trance music.

Zygar's solo career is more focused on the ambient style Star Sounds Orchestra created. Zygar no longer allows himself to be constrained by the boundaries of genre, with his music he chooses to fascinate, captivate, and invite his listeners into a cosmic sound experience all their own.