Imperfect Bamboo Stands - VARIOUS SIZES - FREE SHIPPING

Imperfect Bamboo Stands - VARIOUS SIZES - FREE SHIPPING
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Gongs Unlimited Price: $89.00
Imperfect Bamboo Stands: 
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Yes, these stands are made of bamboo and are really cool looking.

These stands, even when perfect, are not good for intense playing, like for kundalini yoga, or lots of traveling, like if you are in a band.

These stands are fine for house or office or similar, where occasional strike of a gong is all that is going to happen.

What happened with these, as Tony explains in the video below, is that when we get them delivered all the way from Vietnam, sometimes the bamboo would get cracks in it.

Now when the cracks affected the integrity of the stand, its ability to hold the gong, we just threw them out and lamentations issued forth from our mouths! But many times the cracks just caused the look to be imperfect, which is these below that we are selling at drastically reduced prices.

We have stopped importing these due to the ratio of ones with cracks versus perfect ones. But our loss is your gain! As you can get these for next to nothing.

Please realize most of the pricing for these involves the cost of free shipping. Although we say free shipping the price includes the ship cost in there.

How Pricing works - the smallest size with shipping costs $89. Easy, right? The next size up is 89 + 10 = 99 dollars, and the next size 89 +20 dollars = 109 dollars and the final one is 89 + 35 dollars.

We have a few of each size ready to go! Buy today! Hooray!