Healing Essence from 34” Symphonic Harmony Gong

Healing Essence from 34” Symphonic Harmony Gong
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34” Symphonic Harmony Gong

The 34” Harmony gong is a Paiste symphonic gong with particular harmonising qualities. It is both gentle and strong in its effect, and has a uniquely full tone which contains almost diatonic harmonies over the deep fundamental note. Its beautiful sounds harmonise and re-balance us, and leave us feeling connected to that deep peace within. Use this essence if your being needs harmonising and re-balancing.


An essence is a liquid that has a particular vibrational frequency imprinted within it. It can therefore impart that energy vibration to the person who takes the essence. Healing Sound Gong Essences are essences with the sound vibrations of certain very high quality gongs imprinted into them. Each Gong Essence contains the vibrational frequency of one particular gong. Human beings are composed of around 70% water, and as essences are made primarily from water which can be easily absorbed by the human body, taking an essence is an ideal way to transmit the healing power of that gong to a person, if they are unable to be physically present with the gong.

Sheila’s amazing and unique 60” Universal gong is the inspiration behind the Healing Sound Gong Essences. Being so large she doesn’t travel with it so it is a static gong that is available to clients who visit Sheila personally for a gongbath. Not everyone is able to get to Devon to experience the awesome healing power of this amazing gong, which was made by Master gong-maker Walter Meyer, from whom Sheila bought it. The idea came about to produce a vibrational essence that would contain the energy of its sound vibrations, so that people elsewhere could experience it energetically. The Healing Sound Gong Essences were born from this idea, and she has added four others to the range, so five gong essences are available at present. There will be more in due course.


Healing Sound Gong Essences are, to our knowledge, the first Gong Essences to be produced worldwide. They are made from Dartmoor spring water with a very tiny amount of alcohol added as a preservative. They are made ceremonially in an environment that is both physically and energetically clean, clear and light. Making them is a sacred process involving prayer and meditation as well as careful preparation and cleansing of the space. The water used to make the essences is placed in a special bowl used only for this purpose. It is placed underneath or in very close proximity to the gong, which is then played using a full range of tones. The sound vibrations from the gong are absorbed into the water and the gong essences are made from this sound-infused liquid. The loving and focused intention in making them is to transmit the healing power of the gong sounds into the essence. They are therefore very pure, and are powerful tools for personal growth and self development. They enable healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – in a similar way to the actual gong sounds. In particular they work on our subtle energy field and Chakra system : clearing blocks, creating flow, and rebalancing our being energetically, thus addressing any issues at a causal level before they arrive in the physical.

Gong Essences can be used by those needing the frequency of one particular gong at this time on their life journey. They also have a practical purpose, in that they can be tried by anyone considering buying a certain Planet gong, for instance, to see what effect it is likely to have on them, before they commit to purchasing that gong. You can see images of some of the gongs used to make the essences in the slide show above.

The Gong Essence is taken orally – a few drops on the tongue when needed. Avoid taking within 30 minutes of eating, drinking or teeth-cleaning. Not to be used when driving or operating machinery!