Guided Meditation Recordings - VARIOUS ARTISTS

Guided Meditation Recordings  - VARIOUS ARTISTS
Making your meditation time feel like it truly benefits you can be difficult. In our day to day life we are engaged with the world and constantly wrestle with its stresses. Trying to uncouple from this goes against all that have been ingrained into our mind since birth. We sit and the mind wanders to thoughts of others and the day, and the body grows restless, wishing to stretch and twitch.

Guided meditations literally guide the listener/meditator through meditations. There are different approaches to guided mediation with many different purposes and goals. Some guided meditations are focused on quieting the mind and giving the listener a sense of calmness while others have loftier goals, such as reaching higher states of consciousness, or releasing stuck energy patterns. When combined with well-played music, it is the perfect way to find your separation and space from your busy days.